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Originally Posted by mollycat29 View Post
Ok, i may be getting a Royal Python (about 3ft long) and i have a 3'x18"x18" viv. is this viv suitable for a 3ft Royal?

Also i have a habitat matstat for a heat mat but it doesnt have any temperature indicators on it, just high and low and a dial , how do i know what setting to put it on any ideas? and what size heat mat would i need for a 3ft viv?

I'm going to be using a pulse thermostat and ceramic heat bulb to, so i have got that sorted ok.

Im sure one of you lovely people can help me , always feel a little cheeky asking for help and advice, i usually do things by trial and error til i get it right, but this is different cause i dont want to harm the python.

Tanya x
the set up is fine, you dont need a mat with a ceramic, just make sure the ceramic has a guard and a puls or dimmer stat, you can pick up digital thermometer's off ebay for less than a fiver, ceramics are great as long as you have plenty of ventalation as they can dry the air
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