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Originally Posted by JustJordan View Post
it does them good to get them out... i really dont see the problem?
since real UV is 3 times better than a tube, i must be better
ok be careful about were you put him but really?
i have always taken my beardies and him out for a little trek.
so have many others here
iv never had an issue
Yeah I take the beardys out, we did try taking the argus out but she would not co-operate with harness lol, They can be harness trained but she was too old by then haha.

Originally Posted by strictly_scales View Post
I reckon the danger is that if the Boa tightened round his neck, he may drop the controller, lose the game, and in a massive fit of nerd rage, hurl the snake across the room before bursting into tears, dying his hair black and self harming for 3 hours.

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