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Default would this size fish tank be suitable as a viv?

ok I might be able to get my hands on a fish tank for a little bit of money or for free it'll depend on my manager, basically the tank is leaking and one of the bottom corners has a crack but I'm not going to use it for fish.
I was thinking about using it for leopard gecko's but before getting wanted to see whether people thought it would be suitable size.
dimensions- 32 inch long, depth 1 foot, 16 inch height
it's 95 litres
there are a few cons like the crack to fix and if it would stand the heat of a heat mat or get worse, a good clean and also the fact it's not a viv and to get into the tank I would have to go in from above which some animals don't like, you know coming from above is like a predator.
it would either be for one or a couple of leopard gecko's (more than one would be female)
what do people think?
kind regards
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