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Default Some advice needed for Beardie set up please!

Hi People

I have a 3x2x2 Viv bought from a very helpful forum dweller. (I have now forgotten the advice he gave me!!)

I have a ceramic heating unit installed in the viv, in a cage and have the starter unit for a UVB strip.

Can someone guide me on what i need to get to give my dragon the best start? Im gonna get a beardie from the W.Mids show methinks.
  • What size/watt, uvb would you recommend?
  • Do i need to get a spot bulb as well as a ceramic? (or can i put a spot bulb in the place of the ceramic bulb??)
  • What Stat would you recommend (would i need a double for ceramic and spot?)?
thanks for your help peeps, this is a great forum btw.
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