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Post dubia roaches

Originally Posted by Andi Mack View Post
dubia roaches are supposedly the best live food.

They have the highest protein to fat ratio and they eat pretty much anything so can be gut loaded with all the veg you would normally feed a beardie.

Mine should be delivered tomoz, so i'll let you know if my beardie liked them.

Here we go found the protein to fat info.

Species - Protein / Fat / Ratio
Dubia Roaches - 36% / 7% - 5.2 to 1 ratio
Mealworms - 10% / 14% - 0.7 to 1 ratio
Crickets - 12.9% / 6.25% - 2.06 to 1 ratio
Locusts - 40% / 20% - 2.0 to 1 ratio

this info is spot on go dubia both mine love them have being feeding the very small ones out of my colony they look like woodlice when there small they dont jump or bite your bd wen there sleeping great feeder insect buy dubia
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