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Originally Posted by Surferdude09 View Post
Hey guys I am just starting out with Geckos and for years I have wanted a Gold Dust Day Gecko for years and I am in a position in life where I can get one, I have done allot of research and have found some items that I think and know I need to buy but would like some advice to make sure these are right and i am not getting ripped off or overspend and find out I donít need some items.

First I have seen this and I really like it but is it any good for the Gecko I want to get a small Exo Terra Rainforest Habitat Kit from swell reptiles

Would be great for a single specimen. If you want a couple, get the medium size.

I was also going to get some other bits that I think I need for it. Such as a fogger, as they look amazing and I think it would help me as I work odd hours and I am not always around for fogging to help get the humidity up. On the back of this I have read different care sheets and some say fog/mist 3 times a day and some say 7 times, and then others state that to much will cause health issues. So any good care info or some good care sheets would be cool

If you dont have it already, best thing to get would be a book-Day Geckos In Captivity by Leann and Greg Christenson

Next, bulbs and heating:
Well the Exo Terra Rainforest Habitat Kit is a starter kit but does not include the bulbs and I am not sure what to get for the Gecko, as I know that it will need vitamin D3 but what bulb do I use? I am also thinking about this light controller for day and night time settings, is it any good and do I need it? Yes. With the starter kit I am buying! I have also seen a heat mat and I donít know if this is good or bad. Some sites say good and some say bad, any advice on heat mats would be cool..

UV Tube/lamp + ceramic heat bulb OR a combined UV/heat bulb-make sure to provide a a basking spot as well as normal temperatures in the viv. If the lamp doesn't warm the viv, you might want a heat mat/reptile radiator for background temps.

I plan on getting an incubation box for times when I need to do a full clean and just in case I get a female and she has eggs!

Also if anyone in the Newcastle area has a Gold Dust Day Female Gecko for sale I would like to know more please. has some captive-bred babies for sale now.

Aloha and thanks
Good luck! Oh, and the 2nd Practical Reptile Keeping magazine has a good article on these...check it out!
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