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i went to Grange Reptiles yesterday. not as well setup as South Coast Exotics, but a really nice selection of reptiles. all of them looked very healthy and were in nicely setup suitably sized enclosures (which sounds simple, but so many places dont even meet the basic requirements!). its a tough call to say which is better of the 2 shops, if you live near to either then youre very lucky! where i am in Basingstoke we have nothing within 20 mins drive that even passes as a proper reptile shop.

ive been to Emsworth and Porton as well. Porton has a pretty good range of reptiles, but sometimes they are in very unsuitable enclosures. 2 sub-adult CWD's were in what must have been 2x1x1 enclosures (1 in each) which is totally unsuitable, they were easily 18"+ in length. maybe they were in there temporarily though, so i dont make my judgements on what i saw on a 5 minute visit. Emsworth was packed with reptiles, but they were scattered around all over the place and some of the enclosures werent perfect. the staff didnt seem that knowledgeable, but again, its unfair for me to judge based on one busy weekend day. if i lived in that part of Hampshire though then it would be a no brainer between South Coast Exotics and Emsworth Reptiles. South Coast EVERY time.
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