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hiya if your looking for a pretty hardy quite cheap and easy to look after lizard id say a leopard gecko is a good place to start
they dont require a huge set up and the only extra heat/ lighting they need is a heat mat on a stat which after bought doesnt cost again (unless they need replacing due to damage or breaking)

you can buy good starters for leos aswel but alwasy bear in mind some pet shops will sell over priced setups which some unnescary (sp) equipment so do your research 1st and maybe getting your own setup rather than a "shop put together" setup might save you money

if money and size isnt an issue then a bearded dragon would be the best bet. They are out during the day (as leos are nocturnal they might not be always seen) and are very inquisitive and very loveable so can interact more with your daughter

but as i said they will cost that little bit more for the setups and food costs as they do get quite a bit bigger than leos (youll have to research them though but i personally think your daughter will like the bearded dragons more)

both of these are good starter lizards (there are more and if these dont appeal and you want something more different then i recommend blue tongue skinks)
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