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tips for beardie vivs... yep!

seeing as it's mainly for your daughter, get creative and get her involved before you buy the beardie. build it a fake rock wall out of polystyrene so it looks more interesting and also more places to climb and explore.
It'll also get your daughter more interested in the new pet well before you get it.

for the viv, go as big as you can get / afford with 8 square feet of floor space being the 'minimum'.. that's a 4x2 or bigger.. roughly about 2ft high too or higher, this gives a decent amount of climbing space. you can go lower but your light bulb will take about 6inches off the roof height at the basking spot.

For light / heat for a beardie you need: a heat source (preferably a spot bulb) that'll give around 110f at the basking spot and around 80f at the cool end (run it on a dimming thermostat and it'll stop the temperatures going too high). you'll also need a 10.0 or 12.0 UVB tube and starter as they need UVB.
you don't need night time heating or a heat mat.
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