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Originally Posted by a-jones1324 View Post
as long as the uv is lower than half way u can go 4 a 5% tube, ceramic would be best and a thermostat is a must!!! dont cut corners 2 bring the price down mate!!!!!!!!!! pulse stat is best, theres a guy in classifieds sellin them for 35
If you have no clue what you are on about, then please don't post.

There is enough bad advice floating about as it is. Everything you have said is 100% wrong (except for the bit about someone selling a pulse stat in the classifieds).

Originally Posted by LUISSSSSSSS View Post
Agree again!!!! But my daughter uses a mat for nightime if its cooler, and thats on a stat aswell
Please don't use heat mats, especially on the bottom as beardies can't sense heat from underneath and can get burnt.

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