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Default shopping list for bearded dragon

Here is my shopping list - any helpful comments appreciated before I go on my spending spree ?

Viv (check if it comes with light fittings)at least 4ft
Flourescent light 10% or 12% uvb (to fit viv)
Reflector for above
Flourescent light controller/starter
Dimming thermostat
Basking spotlight 70w+
Moonglow night light
Electrics for lights above + how do they fix to viv?
Ext lead?
Digital thermometer
Viv lock (if not with it)
Water sprayer
Long tweezers
Cleaning fluid (rep safe)
Pure calcium dust
Vit and calcium dust
Dried food pellets
Box to carry dragon home in
Box to house bugs
1.0.0 Dogs (Gypsy)
5.7.0 Cats (Arietta, Madrigal, Pipeau, Echo, Calypso, Tango, Micmac, Apollo, Aria, Ash, Rosemary, Indiana)
1.1.0 African Dwarf Frogs (Neptune, Poseiden)
0.0.? Fish
0.0.2 Shrimp
1.2.0 Sprogs
0.0.1 Bearded Dragon (Mozart)

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