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imho from your list this is what you need.

Viv (check if it comes with light fittings)at least 4x2x1.5ft
Arcadia 36" D3+ 12% uvb tube
Reflector for above
Flourescent light controller/starter - will come with fittings to attach uvb bulb to top / back of viv.
Dimming thermostat
Basking spotlight 70w+
Ceramic Bulb holder (if viv doesn't come with it, which it probably won't)
Ext lead?
Digital thermometer x2
Viv lock
Long tweezers
Cleaning fluid (rep safe)
Pure calcium dust
Vit and calcium dust
Box to house bugs
1x timer for spot and UV tube

1.0.0 x Bearded Dragon (Loki)
0.1.0 x Chocolate Lab (Sadie)
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