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1 - calci sand is bad, especially for babies. As said, it can clump when wet, cause impaction and a dead beardie.
2 - wood chip is crap, like with calci sand it can cause impactation if they swallow it.
Best going for tiles rather than a lose substrate

don't bother with the starter setup, quite often they put stuff in you don't need and don't put in stuff you do need. They're usually arse rapingly expensive too.

Don't get the kit from the shop, buy second hand if you need to or a viv from one of the viv builders on here.....
Exotic Reptile Housing - North East
Alfie99 - Southport, cracking people and cheap... their 4x2x2 vivs are only around 90 and perfect for a beardie.
Volly - merseyside
Jeff Pollit - Manchester
Loobylou - Essex
Lotus Nut - down South
Ratboy - Midlands

or you could build your own 4ft viv for under 50, it's easier to do than you imagine.
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