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meko's said it all really.
i recomend the arcadia d3+ 12% uvb bulb or the reptisun 10.0
here's a good caresheet from hadesdragons on here.
have a read through it has a checklist for everything you need as well.
don't go with the starter packs, they're generally really poor.
keep away from calcisand and wood chippings.
if you still want sand childrens play sand will be fine, or you can use lino, tiles paper towels or newspaper.
while he's young it would be better to feed him in a separate tub, as they're clumsy eaters and would generally get a gob full of sand as well.
it would probably pass, but it's still a risk when they're young.
they're fantastic animals.
here's a good site to order your stuff from
Livefood UK Crickets Locusts Mealworms Reptile supplies mail order
i use these for my uvb bulbs, i get my spotlights from tesco or asda though, saves me 4. xD

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