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Default New bearded!

Afternoon everyone,

Today I went out and got my very first reptile, a bearded dragon and found this forum which has so far been very useful! I purchased my dragon and viv etc from jungle phase in Hornchurch, Essex and just wanted to query you all with questions that have popped into my head over the course of the day.

She appears to have stayed in the hottest part of the tank for practically the whole day, apart from when chasing crickets, is this normal or should she be moving backwards and forth from the hot to cold area of the tank to optimize her temprature?? The 'habistat' temprature guage reads 86F, should I increase the temperature, or leave it as the reptile shop told me to for this type of weather?

I purchased a 4', 18", 24" viv and currently am allowing the dragon who is arond 6 weeks old to have the entire run. Although the dragon isn't currently struggling to chase his food around and catch it, would it still be advised for me to partition the tank, allowing her to have less room?

She won't stop eating!! I have fed her twice today in the space of 7 hours around 10 small sized crickets and I have read arond where a lot of people said feed them as much as they can eat within 10-15minutes a day. Where as i'm sure this would be ok for most dragons, mine has a need to run about the viv like she's on crack finishing up to 5 crickets within a 30seconds to a minute of me putting them in. Is this normal and should I continue to feed her until the 10 minutes is up, or should I set her a limit each day?

Finally what can I add to my current set up to make it more 'interesting' for the bearded?

Sorry for terrible quality

Thanks to all who help, i'm sure i'll have more questions to ask as time proceeds.

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