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Welcome! This may be your first reptile but I doubt it will be your last lol. Anyway I don't keep beardies but as no-one else seems to be replying atm here are a few pointers. Some peeps partition their vivs for baby beardies so that they only use say half of it til they're grown. This makes them feel more secure. I would be worried about the substrate you have in there for a baby as if they accidently eat some they can get impacted i.e. block their gut. Tiles or paper are less risk. Apparently they do eat like horses - feed as much as they can eat in 10 mins twice a day. Keep the heat on for at least an hour after the last feed so they can digest their food. Basking temperature should be about 110f. Ambient temp about 90f and cool end about 80f I think - sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong. Is there a uv bulb? Do you have a digital thermometer as temps are very important especially for a baby. You could add a few hides and artificial plants to the viv for interest. Not sure if they need a water dish - have to check that one. Hope you enjoy your new baby, Jools
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