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Default Hi all another newby...

Hi new to the forum and reptiles. But had a good read and a bit dizzy from all the info I have read so far

Have posted a coupla times already but thought had better say hi myself. I love the idea of getting a bearded dragon or two. Would this be ok ? Only have experience with rats and not supposed to get em singly so wondering about beardies.

Plan on making my own viv 4x2x2 (going in bedroom) Are they noisy at night? I know they aren't nocturnal. Made my own rat cage so only thing that worries me about making the viv is where to find the door runners and get the glass cut.

Oh yes and where to get my baby/babies from when viv is sorted. Not keen on pet shops, got my ratties via a forum so would appreciate any ideas as to where to go for them when the time comes. (not too long i hope)

Anyway thanks for reading and hope to spend many happy hours on this forum.
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