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Thanks for all the quick replys. By thermostat are you talking about the sensor that takes a reading of the temprature and adjusts it accordingly? If you do then I have it in the warm end of the tank, as that's what the reptile shop told me to do... Would I be better off putting it in the cooler end of the tank and taking readings from there?(and having a gaping hole, where I had to drill )

The sand I have in the bottom is 'calci sand' which I was also advised by the pet shop to be very 'suitable' for my bearded, due to the fact it was easily digestible etc. Would I be better off changing this for something else?

I have noticed that she is also shedding, should I leave her to do this naturally or soak her in a lukewarm water as I have read, although not sure if I should be doing this when I have only had her since mid-day today.

She is now asleep under her log
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