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Originally Posted by wilson1203 View Post
Thanks for all the quick replys. By thermostat are you talking about the sensor that takes a reading of the temprature and adjusts it accordingly? If you do then I have it in the warm end of the tank, as that's what the reptile shop told me to do... Would I be better off putting it in the cooler end of the tank and taking readings from there?(and having a gaping hole, where I had to drill )

The sensor I have on mine is place mid way down in the middle of the viv and set at 89F if you place it at the cool end then it needs to be set at 86 ish F at the hot end it needs to be set at around 94F. Your basking spot needs to be at least 110F.

The sand I have in the bottom is 'calci sand' which I was also advised by the pet shop to be very 'suitable' for my bearded, due to the fact it was easily digestible etc. Would I be better off changing this for something else?

Please take your little off sand this can cause problems in babies such as impaction. I am not saying all babies put on sand with suffer impaction but it is a risk. You can use lino, astro turf, tiles or kitchen roll this is far better for your baby at this age.

I have noticed that she is also shedding, should I leave her to do this naturally or soak her in a lukewarm water as I have read, although not sure if I should be doing this when I have only had her since mid-day today.

Leave her to shed naturally she will do this on her own.. You can bathe her in luke warm water this will also aid her to shed.

She is now asleep under her log
Hope that helps. If there is anything else you would like to ask please dont hesitate to pm me.


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