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Originally Posted by wilson1203 View Post
Thanks for all the quick replys. By thermostat are you talking about the sensor that takes a reading of the temprature and adjusts it accordingly? If you do then I have it in the warm end of the tank, as that's what the reptile shop told me to do... Would I be better off putting it in the cooler end of the tank and taking readings from there?(and having a gaping hole, where I had to drill )

A thermostat is used to regulate the themerature of the tank. It will have an adjustable dial on which you set the required temp, your basking bulb will plug into in and it will have a sensor probe, which should be in the cool end. You need a "Dimmer stat" for a light emitting bulb (basking lamp, Spot light bulb etc). Most people have either the microclimate or habistat brand thermostats.

Also you will need a thermometer (preferably digital as they are far more accurate) in both the basking spot and cool end, to ensure you have the right temeratures. Temps should be 90-95f hot end, 105-115f basking spot and 80-85f cool end.

The sand I have in the bottom is 'calci sand' which I was also advised by the pet shop to be very 'suitable' for my bearded, due to the fact it was easily digestible etc. Would I be better off changing this for something else?

Calci Sand is the worst possible substrate for beardies, you need to remove this asap. Calci sand is not easily digestable, do a google search on calci sand and you will find plenty of (disturbing) pictures showing the results of using it. Alternatives are kitchen roll, lino, newspaper (make sure the ink is non toxic) or my preference Slate tiles (or other types of tiles, just make sure they are rough).

I have noticed that she is also shedding, should I leave her to do this naturally or soak her in a lukewarm water as I have read, although not sure if I should be doing this when I have only had her since mid-day today.

Unless she is having trouble shedding leave her to it, she should sort herself out in a couple of days.

She is now asleep under her log
Have answered your q's in different colour under each question.

Also congrats on getting a beardie, you'll have years of fun.

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