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Default Really stuck!

Hey guys right this could be a long post, I'm completly new to keeping a tortoise, I've decided i want to get a herman, but im in a right pickle over what to keep the tortoise in, i don't know whether to get a wooden open box with a hide which is 19 ins x 24 ins x 5ins depth, it would have to go on my bedroom floor, but 1 i am worried that the tortoise would climb out, and im not sure on how long the tortoise could live in there (age and size wise), i also have 7 cats, 2 dogs and young siblings so im not convinced the cats wouldnt get it, I've also been looking at a vivarium which is the starter pack from this website, Welcome to the Tortoise Centre but im not sure wot size to get, but from seeing everyone elses pictures no one seems to have a tortoise in a viv, so im completly confussedd please helpp!!! x
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