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Originally Posted by Emmykins View Post
Thats why at the mo im swaying more to a viv, cos it won't be able to climb out and the cats can't get it, and the place im buying it from there in vivs, and its a proper animal place that im getitng it from not a back street type thing, but then seeing those pictures no one has the in vivs, and surly it would b warmer in a viv than an open box.
it probs is warmer in a viv but the reason people dont have them in vivs is because the ventilation isnt as good as an open topped enclosure and can lead to respiratory infections for the tort

also in an open topped enclosure you can get the temps right for the tort just as easily as a viv and the temp gradients will probably be more accurate ( example and by no means are the temps im recommending but just to show you what i mean) lets say the temp under the bulb needed to be 100 and the cold end at the opposite side of the bulb was meant to be 60 then with the open topped the temps cool down for this gradient easier where as in a viv the temp stays more in the air rather than more escaping (as i said the ventilaiton isnt as good)
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