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Originally Posted by Liz_n_Mark View Post
I just want to say that I have personal experience of a young beardie and impaction.. Which is why I dont recommend sand for a baby/juvie. My sub adults and adults are kept on sand. I would not recommend Calci sand for even adults but play sand is very good.

Of course it is entirely up to you what substrate you put in with your beardie. I just feel for a baby it is not worth the tiny risk that it may happen.

I think most people on here know that I am not a pushy person and that everything I say is how it works for me and what I have learnt over the last 3 years of keeping a breeding.

In my baby vivs they all have plent of rocks and wood to climb over this helps keep their claws at a good length.

I know where you are coming from, but let me put this to you. One of my girlfriends colleagues at work has done field work in Queensland Australia, (where she was born), on the cane toad. this involved disecting otherwise healthy toads, (in the name of science), on examining there gut contense, they found a large amount of grit.

Birds tend to ingest grit also, to help break down the food in their guts.

So I put this together and think to myself, an animal that lives on loose substate and with a primative gut, might want some grit? Maybe you are doing more harm than good by not letting a beardie have some grit?

Just food for thought, excuse the pun

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