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Originally Posted by Debbie1e View Post
Hello - I bought my first chameleon who was about 8 weeks old. My viv set up is wooden with glass front 36" H, 24" W, 17" D. I have a waterfall, 60W basking light, and strip UV 5.0 light. I misted the viv a good 3 times per day, more when I could. I had him for 4 weeks and the poor chap died from dehydration. Where did I go wrong??? Or was he just poorly from the start. I have had conflicting advice on basking bulbs (ceramic or household), UV 5.0 or 10. Can anyone who is an expert give me some advice please.
I had the same problem. Luckily my vet is my next door neighbour. I misted my cage 3 times a day, had a waterfall too. As soon as the vet saw the waterfall, he said to get rid as it harbors bacteria.
My chameleon had stopped eating and drinking because he had become stressed due lack of hiding places and incorrect housing (must state that this was my first and was given as a gift so i was not that knowledgable). Also because the viv was to big for his size he couldnt catch his food.
To deal with the dehydration, the vet told me to make up a peadialyte solution and give it to him via a syringe/dropper. This worked a treat as it gave him the minerals and bits he was missing from the food and water.
I then went out and bought an aboreal viv (upright) with a nice new artificial plant with lots of foliage in, a mealworm dish, and a dripper. I still misted 3 times a day but found that if the water was slightly warmer than room temp i could spray it directly at him and he would come straight over and put his mouth against the sprayer and drink straight from that.
I never had another problem with him again.
I hope all goes well for you in the future
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