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Hognoses are the masters of bluff.. they mimic other species in order to ward off their attackers. They will hood-up, and strike with closed mouths. They will also, when they feel very threatened, play dead. I've seen one in the past roll onto it's back and play dead, and then when turned the right way up, roll back over to play dead for the second time! The have also apparently been known to musk and even excrete blood to be even more convincing as a corpse.

They have many lines of defence before biting. Because they are rear fanged, a quick tag should not be an issue either, as they need to chew in order to bring their rear fangs into play to administer their venom.

I do however stand by what I said earlier - personally I think it would be foolish to treat them in the same way as corn snakes.. they should be treated with a hot-like respect because of the potential damage they can cause.
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