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Originally Posted by sola View Post

I have had my Bd (Jesse) for almost two weeks now.

So i would like to start been able to hold him. i was told that he/she is was 12 weeks old when i had him/her.

As anyone got any tips that will help me tame him/her, as everytime i put my hand in to stroke him/her, he/she runs off from me. Its left me wondering if i will be able to tame him/her.


different beardies hav different personalities some are naturally more tame when they are babies just keep trying if its only been two weeks then its proberbly still not really used to you what i did was jus had the tank open and left my hand resting just inside for a bit each day usually when its nice and warmed up and alert, it will get uesd to you and get more tame do things like that then perhaps try hand feeding i know my beardie likes to be handfed i think its lazy and likes to be waited on! =p
hope this helps a little

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