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Hey nice vivs, I'm after a 5x2x2 for my chap, do you send flat packed?

Hi Tory, while the 4x2x2 is ok for beardies, to light and heat it properly without the lights hanging down 10" from the roof, you need to use the more "specialized" bulbs, like metal halides or mercury vapour bulbs.

4x18"x2 is esier to heat as the spot light can be fitted to the roof. The two main problems with the 24" high vivs is that if you attach the spot to the roof it is so far off the floor that to get a good basking temp you have to have a very powerful bulb, (150watt), this is more expensive to run, and the extra heat generated to make the basking area some 115f from 18" away means the cool end can get too hot.

Then you have the problem of the uv tube, a beardie needs to be able to get to between 8" down to 2" from the tube, so if you mount the tube on the roof, it will be some 20" away, this is too far.

So the only option is to drop all the lights down on chains, so if you are going to do this you might aswell get an 18" high viv in the first place.

Here is a pic of my viv, it is 18" high, the lights are in an ideal position from the floor, and it is from the floor that you have to measure from

If you need more info on what I have said then let me know, and I will go into more detail

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