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Default Heating Help Please

Hi All, I built my Corn Snake (Jester) a new 3'x2'x2' wooden viv, having just finished I am testing out a heat mat (12"x12") at present without a stat and Jester might I add. Should have a stat in by Saturday. I have put 3 temperature strips in, 1 at either end about half way up the side of the viv and 1 down near the aspen on the floor. I understand that they will only measure the air temperature, this is between 22'c/71'f and 26'c/78'f from cold to hot, I believe the actual floor temperature should be more.

Is this going to be hot enough?

Will a stat keep the ground temperature at the correct level?

Is my mat big enough?
or should I heat the viv some other way?

Please help I'm a total noob and wouldn't anything wrong to happen to my new best mate.

Thanks John.
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