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Originally Posted by Pagananaka View Post
Mmmm understand the reasoning behind that but why do people always say 4x2x2 then?

Thought it could be rectified by using a raised basking area?

But as I am sooo new to the forum and beardies (not built vivarium yet) its all interesting.
People say 4x2x2 as a general rule, as a beardie ideally wants 8 square foot of floor space, however the hight is irrelevant, although beardies do like to climb, you have to consider them as ground dweling, so to this purpose you measure all temps from the ground, not from say 6" up off the floor.

To give you an example, if you have all the lights on the roof, then to get a good basking temp of say 115f, you will have to have a basking spot some 8" off the floor, so you now have an ideal temp for basking 8" off the floor and on lets say 1 square foot of the viv, the area on the floor next to the basking spot will prob. be too cold as it is another 8" away, and as for the cool end, it will be baltic

Then there is the uv, as I have stated, the beardie needs to get so close to the uv, he can touch it, now to do this in a 24" high viv with the light on the roof will mean some serious climbing material, and then we have the problem of, to get warm your beardie has to be in one small area of his viv 8" in the air, and to get usefull uvb, he has to be 18" in the air.

This means you have effectivly brought the total usable area of your 8 foot square viv down to a few square inches.

I don't see the point.

I'm not saying you can't use a 24" high viv, but as dynamos dragons said, it takes time and effort to sort out. And it isn't worth it, If you are going to use metal halides or mercury vapours, then you need the hight to use these bulbs, but for a "standard" setup, you are making a rod for your back, with no benifits to be had, your beardie does not need or want to climb more than 12" off the floor, unless he has no choice but to do so to get warm, or get some uvb

But don't take my word for it, check out this link;

Hades Dragons UK - Thermostats

Even Hadesdragons recomends 18" high vivs

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