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Originally Posted by jabba1967 View Post
way to go chaps, the bloke is confused about how long to leave his snake, so he gets THREE answers, one week, a couple of days, and one week but if your bored, play with it anyway.

Well done people, that has really cleared it all up

Leave it for 7 days, if it does not eat, leave it for another 7 days, change water every other day.

Job done

You've missed the point I'm afraid. It's very rare that you'll find a single "right" way to do something in reptile keeping. There are many husbandry methods that can work just as effectively as each other. The point of this forum is to recognise that one of the many methods may work best for an individual animal, and to hear a range of opinions so that you can weigh them all up agaist each other and decide for yourself what works the best for you.

If you are after a single definitive answer, then you should really just buy a book.. but again you are only getting a single viewpoint. I find the "job done" attitude a little arrogant if I'm honest.
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