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Originally Posted by Nic123100 View Post
Hey, I'm the OP's other half. The little beauty is residing at mine, she had been in her hide since saturday when we picked her up, but today she has come out and started exploring her new home, so here come the first question, is this a good sign of her settling in?
Also we are not going to handle her until saturday but a friend suggested the OH putting his hand in the viv, not touching her but just placing it in there for her to get used to him, can anyone tell me if this seems right?

Just don't want to do anything to upset her, I'm trying to get the OH to do her water changes as I didnt want all the different hands and smells to upset her too much and he is round every day except one, am I doing the right thing? I have gecko's and a tortoise and this is the first snake so I am a complete noob apart from remembering what the care sheets have told me, just wanted some personal experience aswell to put my mind at rest
Hi Other half , Mr arrogant here again, if I may be so bold as to offer some more addvice.

What you could do is put your hand in for 2 minutes at a time, once a day.

Or put your left foot in, but only after 2pm, (never befor )

Leave a pair of Nic's soiled Reg Grundy's in over night.

Or bring him out to watch east enders with you, (but not the Sunday omnibus showing)

Not sure if this is enough options for you, I don't want Rantasam telling me off again

Sorry Rantasam, couldn't resist

On a serious point though, as pointed out by my new friend above, herp keeping is not an exact science, but there are some methods that work better than others, but it is a ballancing act of giving the safest practcal advice, whilest waying up the experience level of the person receiving that advice, in short if you are new to something than having too much info can lead to "confusion".

So back to your question, (by the way I am giving you this addvice after receiving it from my other half, who has been looking after snakes for over 10 years, and is the only person in the world who looks after the only captive population of the critically endanged Round island Boa ). The advice is the snake will pick up Nic's scent when he changes the water, this should be sufficient for now

Job done

Let us know how you get on

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