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We have just recently got 3 crested geckos and 1 bearded dragon, and I can only comment on what they are like while young but our bearded dragon has so much more personality. I really like the cresteds and I know as they grow they should become more easy to interact with, as currently they are so tiny and fragile we can only have them out for a short period of time, where as our bearded will already happily sit with me and our son for a good 15 mins at a time and they are so funny to watch.

But it is easier to set up for a crestie and if size is a problem then its not really fair to get a bearded dragon as an adult will need a 4ft x 2ft x 2ft and so you need to factor in that you will need to get a bigger viv as they get close to a year in age.

They are both great pets and will provide lots of entertainment, the beardy more in the day and the cresteds more at night!
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