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Originally Posted by Andi Mack View Post

Species - Protein / Fat / Ratio
Dubia Roaches - 36% / 7% / 5.2 to 1 ratio
Crickets - 12.9% / 6.25% / 2.06 to 1 ratio
Locusts - 40% / 20% / 2.0 to 1 ratio

My 8 week old beardie won't touch crickets, he will eat maybe 10 size 1 locuts in one go. But he goes nuts (arm waves, Head bobs, runs about like a loon, etc) for small dubia roaches.

Green wise, i feed mine spring greens, rocket & butternut squash daily and every couple of days i throw in something extra like carrot, bell pepper, cress etc etc.

His greens bowl is normally pretty much emptied in about 20 mins and then about 1 hour later he gets his first lot of roaches.

The link scotty posted is a brilliant source of information food wise.

As above, my dragons love locusts and not crickets, but i have now ordered some dubias from and am gona see if they like them, if they do i will start a colony of my own ( currently reserching)

Originally Posted by LadySaslic View Post
I went shopping for the food today I got:

Butternut squash
and a few apples as a treat.

I am picking up my crickets or loaches tomorrow when I pick my beardie up.

All good however apples only as a treat and cucumber must be peeled. I dont feed mine cucumber as it has poor nutriotional value but has a high water content, so good if yur dragon is dehydrated
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