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She has never been with another beardie, well not since she was a tiny baby with her siblings.

She hasn't eaten for 10 days now, but that could be due to other reasons as she has an infection somewhere has been put on antibiotics.
I will have to start force feeding her soon, but I'm going to refrain for as long possible because I'm sure the extra stress won't help matters. She was quite big for her age (aka slightly overweight) before the food strike, so even after 10 active days she is still in the right weight range so I'm not too concerned just yet. I am to call the vet again in a week to let them know how things are going now shes on antibiotics.

Its always nice having a reptile vet i can go to, I'm sure their going to get sick of seeing me soon, 3 times in two weeks. But as long as my beardie Quazi get fit and healthy Its all good

Thanks for the information, I'll just keep an eye on her and see how things go.
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