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Well it's not about the excess skin there, loads of cats get that as they age.
Most likely, as you say she needs grooming, it is due to previous experience of people trying to yank a brush through the matts there.

Best you can do is to gain her trust by avoiding her belly. Groom her really regularly elsewhere and gradually as she trusts you more move on to her belly. If in that time she begins to matt I would even cut any knots out if you can rather than put her off the grooming process by having to tug at them. Hopefully you will gain her trust eventually.
Good luck

Originally Posted by vikki21 View Post
ive recently rehomed a 12yr old cat who hates her belly being touched. think its because shes lost weight and got lots of baggy excss skin around this area. but obviously may also be something else in her past. i wanted some advice aboiut grooming her as as soon as you attempt to brush her belly she either bites or claws you to death. shes had problems in past with getting matted underneath and haveing to be knocked out at vets ant de-matted and want to prevent this happening again. any advice would be appreciated
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