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Default Iguana taming advice

So I have had my Iguana (he is a baby) for nearly 2 months now and I am making progress with taming him but it goes like this:

1. He runs like mad in his cage and will not respond to me at all. (he lives outside in a 5ft by 5ft by 4 ft) 3 sided ply one side screened. I currently live in zhuhai, Guangdong China where the temperature is around 30 - 35 degrees and the humidity is like 65% to 80% so its perfect for an ig.
2. When he is finally out he calms instantly and he will just sit in my hand, on my shoulder etc, move around a little but totally under my control. Can pick him up no problem etc.
3. I spend like 3 or 4 hours with him each day handling him and just want to know how to progress so he won't see me coming into his cage as a there a method or will it just take time? I always take it very slow and approach him from one side etc. In fact when he is on the branch 9/10 times I can pick him up, the rest of the time its like a wild goose chase. Sometimes whipping and arching of his back to try and deter me.

Any advice for me and Hermes greatly appreciated, thanks

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