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Originally Posted by messengermatt View Post
Just to pre warn you they are extremely fast and if you move your eyes away for one second they will be gone out of sight before you realise so dont keep the lid off and look away.

That rub is far too big also as above a 9ltr is more than enough

Use aspen as bedding or kitchen towel.

You dont know how to feed a snake? how much have you researched before you get it? You need to feed using long tongs and if possible encourage the snake to strike feed.
Okay i know that they are really fast and i'll get a smaller rub then

I'm not getting it for a fair while yet...i heard conflicting ways of feeding them off people i know who have snakes so thought i better check. I might get an older snake anyway not a baby. I wasn't sure whether it would strike feed or be tweezer fed... I've fed 100's of baby corns before when i was on work experience so i'm not a total novice

i will use aspen shaving as it can burrow
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