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Thank you very much for your replies - I'm very grateful and continue to learn before deciding "lizard type" best for me here in Thailand as I don't want to make any nasty mistake on my part and then have to post here in the future wanting answers to very sick/dead lizard because I didn't do my "homework"...

Anolefan: THANK YOU!!! You made it through my (very long!) post and gave me answers.
The "mistakes" on language ought be passed as 'not mickey' - I do it all the time! I start talking Thai but my learned language is a result I speak a nasty "mish-mash" of both to Thais to get myself understood. In the same breath they do the same when trying to communicate back.

rantasam: THANK YOU TOO!!! You also bothered to read my looooooong message and give answers.
As far as wanting captive bred - ME TOO (!) and would rather go without a pet lizard than have some poor "trapped" one. This chap deals only in the lizard he knows and sells only that born from eggs...

I've asked him about the cricket thing and he explained (with help from a Thai speaking friend) that " around Bangkok sell cockroaches as food for lizards - this is wrong as they often catch said cockroaches in "dirty" places such as waste pipes. Lizards need "clean" food and I must not listen to anybody saying otherwise..." roughly translated by my mate.

Dunno if this is correct but sounds like sense to me...


Edit to add: My mate also got answers on the colour - the one I held was a light brown but he also breeds a green variety...the latter apparently more desirable here. I am yet to go to his shop or any other to check out "green type" - if I settle on a bearded dragon then I'm already in love with the "light brown" type!!! My mate translated that he (the chap with lizard) needs show me many things to make a healthy pet. He has written "care sheets" in Thai and has asked my mate to translate them for me if I choose to buy from him. He ALSO wants to show me housing as I need "big,big, big"...I must confess that I liked that about him - his concern for space.

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