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Originally Posted by Mouki View Post
Thanks for that some helpful info

i guess snakes do do a lot of hiding...but i've told my mum i need one as im going to be a herp need experience with snakes as well as lizards....its a good excuse and it worked

im going to pit it in a rub while its little if i get a baby and if i get an older one its going to go into a 2ft viv until it outgrows that then i will get a 3ft viv sorted

tweezer feeding it is then....simple

oh one last local rep shop doesn't sell aspen...where can i get it from?

Thanks very much
Here you go;

Livefood UK Ltd.

Good luck with the vocation, how old are you? check out Durrell wildlife trust, they do student ships, if you want a bit of herping experience, you could do worse

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