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Originally Posted by jools View Post
Yes this is a good "starter" sheet for customers but does not have anything specific on it so tho it will help peeps understand a little more about reps it does not say how to look after specific species. Do you give out species specific care sheets as well? It's good to see pet shops taking a responsible attitude - too many don't.
Yes, we have species specific care sheets as well

Very good. It's reassuring to see a shop taking time to educate, as well as sell. The only part that didn't quite sit right for me is where you state that thermostats can be used to control a heat source. I personally would want to change the emphasis and make it clear that they must be used in conjunction with a heat source.

I realise that economics are the ultimate deciding factors in any business, and slapping on an additional 40 to the cost of a beginner setup can be off putting to potential customers - but it's a crucial area where I think many many shops fall down on. I use it as a barometer for how good a rep shop actually is.

But yeah, apart from that one point a well written care sheet. It's difficult to generalise about all reptile keeping and still include sufficient specific information to be useful, and I think you've struck the balance very well.
Your right. A thermostat is an essential piece of kit. All our starter kits come with a thermostat.

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