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Default My new corn snake

We picked up our Corn Snake this morning and s/he is lush! I am very happy. S/he is next due food on monday so cant wait to have a go at feeding her/him. Just a couple of quick q's, s/he is in an exo-terra 2ftx1.5x1.5, currently only using a heat mat for heating and her warm end is around 82.6f, there is a ceramic bulb installed but it seems warm enough without it and i dont realy want to run the ceramic unless we have to. S/he is said to be around 8 months ish so have put bottled water in her dish as read on a care sheet that they shouldnt have tap water til a year old? Is this right? S/he is lovely to handle seems as i've never held a snake before and am always frightened of dropping or hurting things so am very pleased. Thanks to everyone who replied to my earlier posts on corn snakes
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