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Default bearded dragon day to day

hi evey one i finally got my bearded dragons today after looking into this since last november!

got a lovely little pair from c c moores in weymouth big thanks to chris who works there who has been awsome in helping me out!

i was just wondering i'v been reading books been on here most every night for the last couple of weeks but i cant help feel unsure about a few things.(ive read so much now i cant decide on a million things haha! was just a few day to day questions to put me at ease)

i realise when you recently move them to a new viv they take a while to get used to it, theyve fed well but i cant catch 3 little circkets that theyre not showing much interest in,

will this cause much of a problem or will they be ok over night/ untill theyre eaten?

also i have a ceramic bulb set up yesterday the original 150w died, but the shop gladly replaced it with a 100w as the 150s were out i will be getting a 150 in the week though. i have a 4x2x2 viv this should be ok untill i get a 150 right?

currently on my exo terro thermometer placed in the middle of the tank, in the lower quarter hight wise. its reading around 30c is this ok? as i also have my habistat thermostat set around the 30 mark. eventually i will upgrade to a digi thermometer any recomendations.

and also as far as watering these little guys is it best to spray them weekly?, iv left them a nice shallow water dish if theyre interested.

and really if any one has any more general advice i would really appreciate it.

and dont worry as soon as i figure out how to use my other halfs camera there will be pics of my dragons theyre viv and a fake rock project!

thanks i hope i will beome a good member to the forum and i would be happy if you guys show my little beautys a quarter of the love i feel for them thanks so much james.
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