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Smile Hi... new to forum & snake husbandry

a funny thing happened to me just a week back... I became a snake owner.

I was not forced or coerced. It was not premeditated either. My cat found him, in my garage. He was growling at a point near where I keep a large coiled extension lead. I lifted it and shook it... and out fell this little fella.

I'd never seen a snake in the UK before but recognise the few indigenous species and knew this wasn't one of them. I kept him in that tupperware dish, popped him in my rucksac and made off to the vets on my zzr1100 probably the fastest snake in the UK. Vet couldn't identify him.

Through enquiries online I discovered he was indeed a Corn Snake, indigenous to SE & Central USA.

Well I'll be!

I decided to keep him... as he'd undoubtedly perish in our temperate climate, and after just some basic reading & research made him this juvenile viv.

He has drunk from the bowl while resting in my hand, and had no hesitation in taking his first pinkie

It seems now he is about to shed...

... and to top it all, a photo I took of the full moon the other night turned out like this...

If you'd said to me 8 days ago I'd be a keeper of one of the constrictor family I'd laughed right out, but here I am, just a week in and reveling in the experience. I feel privileged, even.
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