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Unhappy I really want a beardie but i have cats

I really want a beardie but i have six cats!Will i be able to keep a beardie or will the cats stress it.It would'nt be around the cats without supervision, but the trouble is i don't want it getting stressed if i for whatever reason am not there. Another problem is two of my cats are indoors. The only place i could (or am i allowed to put the vivarium in as my mum dosen't like "lizards") is my room, and when we have to have the doors open we have to put the cats in my room.Is this safe?Would i need to cover the viv if the cats where in the room so the beardie dosen't get stressed, or what. I must be making out my cats are terrorists.Their not just curious, except for the outdoor ones that wouldn't be in close proximity to him anyway. Any advice please would be greatly appreciated!
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