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Default another heating question

iv just lost a baby royal so want to make sure things are right for my boa.
its a female dwarf boa, is abbout 22 inchs long. iv set up a 18 litre rub for her as she didnt like a 2 ft viv, but, as im only using a uth, how do i set it up, iv been told 92 basking spot 88 ambiant warm and 78-80 on the cool side.
my question is how do i set a basking spot with a uth? i dont want to set the temp at 92 with the sensor in the warm hide, or do i? as the uth doesnt heat up the air how do i get an ambiant air temperature in a plastic rub with out using bulbs etc.
so with the temp probs unde each hide, do i set 1 thermometer at 92 warm hide, 78 cool hide. or should i take the air readings, meaning the floor temp will be much more.
i know its a noob question but i just need confirmation.
if i make sense.
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