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Question Is it Cruel?

As i have mentioned before, my mother is none too thrilled about me getting a beardie, but has never voiced any objectons.I know the idea of keeping reptiles is weird for many people, but when i mentioned i was seriously looking into getting a bearded dragon, she launched into a full-scale heated rant abouthow it is crel and abnormal to keep wild animals in captivity.Is keeping a beardie cruel?Also she proceeded to say what was even crueller was feeding it wild food. She says there's something wrong with someone wanting to keep something that needs fed live food and that allthough it's my choice she couldn't see how someone can call themselves an animal lover if their willing to give something live food.Is she right? I feel really guilty now about keeping a beardie and its feeding requirements.Also, if i DO get a beardie, another quick question.What's the est age to start out with and why?Are thereany pros and cons with keeping a baby bearded dragon or an adult one?Thanks,any help would be enormously appreciated!
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