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in my opion as long as the animal is well cared for, has an interesting environement that is as large as possible, i dont think its cruel. upsetting the animal is anyway ie inproper handling ect is. neglect for any reason including negligence is also unacceptable.
i disagree with birds kept in small or even medium sized cages. they need to spread there wings! for sum reason its different for lizards... and fish.
hopefull any beardy u get will be captive breed so it will know no different. just make sure you get the biggest cage possible with pleanty of height. enrich enrich enrich!
make the enviroment interesting, variable and as exciting as posible. i love comming up with new ways of arranging the tank and im forever buying new ornaments!
the cage i have for my leopard gecko is the absolute minermum for a bearedy! lol spoiled chap! (45cm by 60 by 45)
as for the food, its a difficault thing! i hate the locusts and hav 2 put them in the fridge before ill touch them! i do shelf my discust, however and move every batch into a bigger box. the ones they come in are far too small. i feed them pleanty of fresh leafs to. besides, so many have escaped i feel i have "Given back" to mother nature anyway!! they do have a tough time but how is there life any worse than battery kept hens or sow pens in europe? i think my lucusts have more space conparativly!
i feel most sorry for my lodger who is terrified of the bugs and lizard! she, of course was the first to decover a rouge lucust... crawling up her leg.... :$ oops!
i am not a beardy expert, all i will say is dont keep it on sand! i had one put to sleep at work because the idiot didnt notice it was eating the floor!! (im a vet nurse, we see alot of idiots). i am definatly an animal lover heck its my damn job!!
just do ur resurch. internet, care books, anything u can get ur hands on! coming on this forum is a good start, best of luck, wat ever u decide to do!
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