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thats far too often.
you are overdosing the poor wee guy on vitamin d3. this can cause siezures in reptiles. stop using the nutrabol everyday!.
they need a calcium suppliment without vitamins on 1 feed per day. we use calypso calcium dust for 5 days per week and nutrabol on the other 2 days. you need to check with a vet about the unintentional overdose and get some pure calcium without vits to dust 5 days per week. only use your nutrabol 2 days per week. i would give nice warm baths and get to a vet soon. don't feed anything bigger than the space between his eyes as this can cuase problems as well.
are you using a tube for uv or a coil bulb? the coils can also cause problems with their eyes and severe lethargy.
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