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ive had mine now for just two days, i know why people could consider live feeding cruel, and keeping animals as cruel but you have to think as stated alot of these animals are captive bred and from what ve read i personaly wouldnt keep a wild specimen.

also if you take proper care for your animal your practicly treating it as royalty what wild beardy can garentee a meal, lack of predators safe caring enviorment.

i must admit after sending my first cricket to its doom
i did feel a little guilty but then its the circle of life if you feed your live food some nice veg its better than what they have in the pet stores in a container your given them something although theyre only food, your then also forfitting your money and time for the beardy but then the rewards of keeping and loving a happy animal must out weigh this.

i really hope your mum can see past these issues they really are great pets.
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