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Absolutely as above.

Just to elaborate slightly on the cb/cf/wc thing.

CB = Captive Bred. Snakes born and raised in captivity. The most preferable as they are far less likely to have health problems such as internal and external parasites. If the breader is worth his or her salt then they will feed on frozen/thawed mice (which eliminated the risk of damage live-food can do to a snake) and generally tend to have a nicer temprement than other types of snake.

CF = Captive Farmed. The eggs or gravid (pregnant) snakes are captured in the wild and the snakes are born into facilities in their native countries. The quality of these 'farms' can very greatly. There is still a risk of health issues, although less so. These animals may have been then shipped in great numbers half way around the world, which can be stressful for the animal. This method also has an impact on the natural populations of a species. Individual snakes are usually cheaper than CB.

WC = Wild Caught. Snakes caught in their natural habitat and transported abroad for the pet trade. High risk of health problems, difficulty acclimatising and often feeding difficulties. Has a high impact on natural population numbers. Useful for experienced keepers in order to introduce new blood-lines into their breeding projects and to ensure the locality of the snakes they are keeping.

Most people will agree than unless there is a specific reason why not (and cost is not enough of a reason in my opinion), then CB snakes are the preferrable type.

Having said that, I'm completely hypocritical in that I have two perfectly healthy adult royal pythons that were CF, but if I knew then what I know now...
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